Welcome to OnTheDash 2018

OnTheDash has been online since February 2003. We refreshed the graphics in 2009, but the site has been running on the same software for the past 15 years.

Today, we are introducing an entirely new OnTheDash. The visual design is new, but more importantly, the software that runs the site is entirely new.

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Registry of Black PVD Monacos

There has been considerable controversy and debate about the question of (a) whether Heuer actually produced Black PVD Monacos or (b) whether Heuer might have commenced the project of producing these watches, but abandoned the project after encountering difficulties, leaving some of these watches produced by Heuer (as pre-production prototypes) and others to be assembled from the parts that Heuer had ordered for the project.

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Found: The First Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer (pre-Heuer)

In this guest posting, David Pearce tells us about his discovery of what seems to be the first model of Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer chronograph, from the days before Heuer was making these watches for Abercrombie & Fitch. 

The Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer chronographs, with their distinctive ‘tide-indicator’ sub-dials, are already well known among collectors of vintage watches.

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The Voyage of the Skipper

Founded in 1860, Ed. Heuer & Co. quickly earned its reputation for developing stopwatches, chronographs and other timers to address the most specialized and challenging requirements. Heuer made timers for the engineer using 1/10,000 hour measurement for time and motion study, for the artillery officer reading a telemeter scale to locate enemy installations, and for the physician timing 15 pulses,

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. . . and the Orange Boy Makes Five — TAG Heuer’s New Autavias

Writing about watches (or just about anything else) can be frustrating.

In February, I was excited about the four Autavias that TAG Heuer has introduced over the past year, and I have two of them in my collection.  I wanted to write a review of all four models, so I borrowed the two that I didn’t own;

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