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Three Versions of the "Siffert" Autavia

The Autavia Reference 1163T Chronomatic was the first Automatic Autavia, being introduced to the public in March 1969. This white-dialed Autavia is known as the "Jo Siffert" Autavia, having been worn and promoted by Swiss Formula One star Jo Siffert.
  • This first version had "Chronomatic" above the Heuer logo and "Autavia" above the date, as shown below.
  • The next production model had "Autavia" above the Heuer logo, and "Automatic Chronograph" above the date, with the Chronomatic name being deleted. The polished hands continued from the first version; hour recorder has numbers 3-6-9-12.
  • The final version had two changes: the hands were brushed steel, with blue tips, and the hour recorder has the numbers 1 through 12.

We refer to any of the Automatic Autavias with the white dial / black registers as a "Jo Siffert" model. Some say that the early Reference 1163T Chronomatic model is the only true "Jo Siffert" Autavia.

C.Reference 1163T Ridged Markers

E.Reference 1163T Flat V

G.Aut 1163T Mark 4

I.Aut 1163T Mark 5

K.Aut 1163T Mark 6

V.Group Photos

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