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1964 -- Works Mini Cooper

Here is the dashboard of the Mini Cooper that won the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally. Note the pair of Autavias -- still in use well after Heuer had replaced the Autavia with the with the Monte Carlo as its 12-hour timer. [Photo from The Works Minis, by Peter Browning, The Haynes Publishing Group, October 1971; used with permission of the author]


1968 -- Works Mini Cooper

Here is the dashboard of a works Mini Cooper that participated in the 1968 Monte Carlo Rally. Heuers are the early Rally-Master pair from the period, consisting of a three-button Monte Carlo and a Master Time with the numerals 3-6-9-12 on the dial.


1969 -- Porsche Factory Rally Car

Here is a later Rally-Master pair (1967 to 1975), mounted on the dashboard of a 1969 Porsche factory rally car. Note black cases and back-plate, with chrome crowns and pusher. [Photo from Rally Cars, by Reinhard Klein, used with permission of the author.]


1975 -- Lamborghini Countach LP400, built for Albert Silvera

We are accustomed to seeing Heuer timepieces installed on the dashbaords of race cars and rally cars, but it is unusual to see them in road cars. We provide an in-depth decription of this Lamborghini Countach, specially built for Albert Silvera, one of the world's leading collectors of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. [Photos used with permission of Joe Sackey Classics LLC.

Lamborghini Countach LP400 Silvera -- Profile

Lamborghini Countach LP400 Silvera -- Dashboard RightLamborghini Countach LP400 Silvera -- Heuers

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