Price Guide to Vintage Heuer Timepieces


This Price Guide provides information regarding vintage Heuer Chronos and other timepieces. We present two lists -- an A List and a B List -- with each of these lists further divided into three groupings (Triple [AAA], Double [AA], Single [A], BBB, BB, B, etc.). The "Values" presented are estimates of current market prices for excellent samples of the timepieces, as described in the Notes below.

Values are as follows, as of February 2006:

Values for the "A List"

above $3500


between $3,000 and $3,500


between $2,500 and $3,000

Values for the "B List"

between $2,200 and $2,500


between $1,800 and $2,200


between $1,500 and $1,800

In this Price Guide, we have three tiers within the A List (AAA, AA, A) and three tiers within the B List (BBB, BB, B). There are differences in values between the six tiers -- this is the purpose of creating the six tiers. We do not distinguish between the values of watches within a particular tier. Accordingly, the order in which the watches are presented within a tier does not reflect a distinction between values, and ordering within any of the six tiers is entirely random.

These estimates of Value are approximations, based on recently observed transactions. The market for many of these timepieces is relatively "thin", so much so that it is difficult to estimate prices with any precision. In this era of ebay, if two or three bidders are willing to "pay whatever it takes" to buy a particular watch, the result will likely be a sudden spike in the price for that watch. Similarly, a fine sample of a watch may not reach its estimated value under the particular circumstances of a sale. In this Price Guide, we attempt to reflect current market prices, with a view to predictable, stable values over the longer-term.

In terms of its coverage, this Price Guide covers watches that a collector may have a reasonable chance of acquiring, within a reasonable time period (say, within one year of active looking). There are many additional Heuers that would fit within the price ranges of the two Lists; however, we include a watch in the Lists only if a reasonably diligent collector could expect to find a sample over the course of one year. Yes, the enamel Chrono from the 1910's would be on the A List; no, it is not included, as we attempt to keep this Price Guide to a useful size, with the price estimates supported by multiple transactions in the market.

The SPY Rating is based on "Samples Per Year" (SPY), being an estimate of the number of samples that a diligent collector might expect to find in a year -- searching the internet (ebay and major dealer websites) and the traditional vintage watch dealers. The SPY Ratings reflect all reasonable samples that a collector might find over the course of a year, not merely the samples that are in such excellent condition that they would earn a watch its highest ranking in the Price Guide. For example, we might see 25 decent Silverstones in a year; only 10 of these might be in the excellent condition required to earn the Silverstone its AA rating ($3,000 to $3,500) in the Price Guide.

Additional Notes:

  • condition is assumed to be excellent or near mint; not NOS or mint, but a very fine example; dial must be flawless (or near flawless, for some older models); some light wear to the case is acceptable
  • rankings/values assume that the watch is on original strap or bracelet (except for the older watches that came on leather straps, few of which have survived), but does not have the original box and papers (which would command a premium).
  • the models listed in the Price Guide are assumed to be odinary production models; prototypes or extremely rare variations can be expected to sell for a premium.

The Values suggested in this Price Guide are my own approximations, based on my watching the market on a regular basis over a period of years. Prices of some versions have been relatively stable over the years; others have fluctuated considerably. We hope that this Price Guide will be a dynamic document, changing from time to time to reflect activity in the market. There will likely be some controversy regarding the ratings assigned to some watches; there may be outrage that certain watches are included or excluded from the A List and the B List. Please send you comments or suggestions to

Jeffrey M. Stein
February 13, 2006
copyright Jeffrey M. Stein, 2007; all rights reserved

The "A List"
[AAA=above $3,500; AA=$3,500~$3,000; A=$3,000~$2,500]
Description/SPY Rating
AAA (Value above $3,500)
Monaco Automatic
(Ref. 1133)
  • plus for blue w/white registers (McQueen)
  • SPY=80 (total blue & gray)
  • big premium for the black PVD

McQueens are the design icons -- relatively plentiful, but still expensive; beware of newly-minted black PVDs

Rally-Master Pair
Dashboard Timers
(Master Time and Monte Carlo)
  • plus for early pair (three-button Monte Carlo and 3-6-9-12 Master Time)

any decent Master pair makes the A List; the best early pairs join the AAA List

Triple Calendar Moonphase Chrono
  • the 50's version (not later re-issues)
  • SPY=1

we see one per year; if you want it and find it, better grab it

AA ($3,000 to $3,500)
Carrera 12 Dato
(contrasting registers)
  • black dial with white registers/SPY=2
  • big premium for silver dial with black registers/SPY=0.3

big savings if you are satisfied with the Zodiac or Clebar "Poor Man's" versions

Monaco Manual Wind (Ref. 73663)
  • charcoal gray dial
  • plus for blue with white registers/SPY=12

add $700 to $1,000 premium for the blue; beware of fakes in the blues

Monaco Automatic
(Ref. 1533)
  • plus for blue dial/SPY=4
  • silverburst dial/SPY=10

blue dials are scarce

(Ref. 110.313)
  • plus for the blue version
  • SPY=25 (total for all colors)

most agree that blue dials are most collectible

Carrera 12 --
Black on White
(Ref. 2447SN)
  • silver dial with black registers
  • SPY=6

a couple of these broke the $3500 mark; now seem to have settled closer to $3,000

A ($2,500 to $3,000)
Carrera 12
White on Black
  • black dial with white registers
  • SPY=4

Abercrombie & Fitch
  • screw-back versions made from early 1950's through 1968
  • SPY=10

these were often exposed to the sea and the sun; pristine survivors are scarce

First Execution Autavia; Three-Register (Ref. 2446)
  • three large registers make this one unique among the Autavias
  • SPY=3

the very first Autavias; these often show some aging; the clean ones are very scarce

"Siffert" Autavia
(Ref. 1163T)
  • 2nd or 3rd versions/SPY=15
  • premium for the Chronomatic version/SPY=0.3

Carrera Automatic, 18 Karat Gold
(Ref. 1158CHN)
  • SPY=6

many collectors won't even look at a gold Heuer; still, patient sellers can expect to bag at least $2,500

The "B List"
[BBB=$2,200~$2,500; BB=$1,800~$2,000; B=$1,800~$1,500]
Description/SPY Rating
BBB ($2,200 to $2,500)
Autavia GMT -- Automatic
  • Ref. 1163, Ref. 11630 & Ref. 11063 -- they all make the list
  • SPY=20 (total for all versions)

all three versions are toward the top of the B List; the earlier the model, the higher the price

Triple Calendar Chrono
  • silver, copper or black dial
  • SPY=12 (total for all versions)

black seems to be the scarcest; watch for refinished dials

Carrera 12 Dato
  • SPY=10

bargain hunters will be very happy with the Clebar

Heuer Mareographe
  • SPY=2.0

same as Seafarer or Solunagraph, but the Heuer is very rare

BB ($1,800 to $2,200)
Autavia GMT -- Manual Wind
  • snap-back case is the standard/SPY=15
  • screw-back case is rarer/ SPY=2

the red/blue bezel is the key; show me the bezel, and I'll tell you the value

Carrera 12 --
three registers
(Ref. 2447)
  • white-on-white is the standard
  • plus for black-on-black

one of the "design icons" of the Heuer world; this is the reference point for the BB rating

Super Autavia
Dashboard Chrono
  • earlier versions may have higher values
  • SPY=15

a true chrono for the dashboard; parts scarce for the early ones, so be careful

Carrera Automatic
(Ref. 1153)
  • dark dial (1153N) or silver dial (1153S)
  • SPY=40 (total for both colors)

one of the big gainers of 2005

Autavia Diver 100 -- Automatic
  • SPY=2

the top dog among the non-GMT automatic Autavias

Three-Register Chrono
50's or early 60's
  • Valjoux 71 or 72
  • SPY=20

pre-Carrera, so no name on the dial; beware of the fakes

Flieger Chrono --
1935 to 1945
  • one and two-button versions both make the list
  • SPY=2

a very thin market, so prices can fluctuate considerably; same watch may fetch $1,200 one month / $2,500 the next

B ($1,500 to $1,800)
Bundeswehr Flyback Chrono
  • must have "3H" to make the list
  • SPY=30

once again, the premium goes to the early version

Master Time
Dashboard Clock
  • three versions (early, late or 24-hour)
  • SPY=25 (total for all versions)

just a simple clock; fairly common, but fairly valuable

Abercrombie Seafarer or Orvis Solunagraph
  • snap-back version (2446C case)
  • SPY=10 (total for all versions)

call these the "Poor Man's Mareographes"

  • makes the list with any color combination
  • SPY=12

black dial is preferred by most collectors; two-tone adds "bling" but not any additional value

(Ref. 510.403)
  • Lemania 5100 powered Silverstone
  • SPY=4

the TV-shaped Silverstone makes the Single B List

Audi Sport Chrono
  • SPY=3

specially issued for Audi dealers; favorite among Audi rally enthusiasts

Italian Air Force (AMI) Chrono
(Ref. 510.543)
  • Lemania 5100 powered
  • SPY=8

watch ebay Italy to find one of these; save some money if you will settle for the Lemania

Carrera 45
(two register)
  • plus for contrasting dial / registers
  • SPY=12

any good manual-wind Carrera makes at least the Single B List

Carrera Automatic -- Black PVD
(Ref. 510.511)
  • SPY=8

available in black PVD and stainless; only the PVD makes the B List

(Cal 12. Mvmnt)
  • white dial or black PVD case
  • SPY=

the blue ones don't quite make the B List

Camaro 12 (Three Registers)
  • plus for the black registers on silver dial
  • SPY=30 (all three-register versions)

a strong gainer in 2005, went from $1200 to $1800 in a few days; haven't come down since

Autavia, Three-Register
(Ref. 2446C)
  • snap-back case

one of the standards

Pocket Chrono
Ref. 11204
  • SPY=12

split-second pocket chrono in the red or black leather case