Barack Obama’s New Balance Sports Watch

In early 2012, we began to see President Obama wearing a plastic sports watch other than the Highgear Enduro Compass watch. Closer study shows that President Obama’s new sports watch is a New Balance N7 watch, with a Heart Rate Monitor. It appears that the New Balance has replaced the Highgear watch, as it has not been seen since we first saw the New Balance.
Determining whether Obama is wearing the Highgear Enduro or the New Balance N7 is not difficult — the Highgear Enduro has an irregular shaped bezel, with the fully integrated strap mounted asymmetrically (toward the left side of the case), while the New Balance has a round dial, with a bright red inner bezel, and the traditional strap is mounted symmetrically. The straps themselves are also easily distinguished, with the Highgear having elongated holes and the New Balance having smaller rally-style holes.
Highgear Enduro Compass Watch       

Obama’s New Balance Sports Watch in Action. As we had seen with the Highgear Enduro Compass watch, President Obama seems to wear the New Balance N7 watch as his casual watch. We can expect to see Obama wear this as his primary watch while on vacation, where we see him wearing the watch riding bikes, playing golf or going for ice cream. Obama has also worn the New Balance N7 watch for rugged assignments, for example helping with a building project (above) or skeet shooting at Camp David (below)

First Family Vacations In Martha's Vineyard President Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii with Family

President Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii with Family

The New Balance N7 Sports Watch  is a fairly conventional looking plastic sports watch, but it does have some distinguishing features, both from a functional point of view and in terms of its design.


The New Balance N7 features a 2.4 GHz digitally-coded heart rate monitor, that has a chest strap that sends a wireless signal to the watch.  The watch has continuous heart rate reading, and can be set to target specific heart rate zones. In addition to the heart rate features, the New Balance N7 has standard sports watch functions, including a range of 100 hours, the ability to time 50 laps or splits and a 30 run memory.  The watch can display time in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, shows the day and date, will display a second time zone and has two daily alarms.  The New Balance N7 is water resistant to 50 meters.

The New Balance N7 is made in China, and sells (new) for approximately $75.

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