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Links to Interesting Websites

I think of this Link Page as my set of bookmarks -- these are most of my favorite websites, that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. With all due respect to the dozens of fantastic watch-related websites that are our there on the internet, I generally don't add a website to this Links Page unless I visit the site on a regular basis and enjoy those visits.

TAG Heuer Resources

Facebook Groups -- Vintage Heuer

Discussion Forums -- Heuer and other Interesting Ones

  • OnTheDash Vintage Heuer Discussion Forum -- the place to discuss vintage Heuer chronographs and dive watches. Also visit the affiliated ChronoTrader website, to buy, sell and trade vintage chronographs and other interesting watches.
  • Watchuseek's TAG-Heuer Forum -- This Forum focuses on the modern TAG-Heuers, with occasional discussion of the vintage Heuers. This Forum is part of www.watchuseek.com, a portal of discussion forums, links and other watch resources.
  • VetroPlastica Vintage Heuer Discussion Forum (Italian Language) -- An Italian language discussion forum, dedicated to the vintage Heuers. The Italians love the vintage Heuers, and we see their passion on this forum. Postings in English are also welcomed.
  • TimeZone's Heuer / TAG-Heuer Forum -- Participants in this Discussion Forum focus almost entirely on the current TAG-Heuers, but there are occasional postings about the vintage Heuers. This Forum is part of www.timezone.com, a huge portal of discussion forums and other information.
  • Omega Watch Forums -- Covers vintage and modern Omegas, and also has forums for other brands. Excellent forums dedicated to Zenith and Universal Geneve.
  • ATG Vintage Watch Forum -- A general watch forum, as well as boards dedicated to Bremont and Lemania.
  • Military Watch Resource -- Main Discussion Forum -- This Forum covers the full range of military watches, and there are frequent discussions of the military Heuers -- Bundeswehr (BW), Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Italian Air Force (AMI), and others. This Forum is part of www.broadarrow.net, where you will also find a classified area of watches for sale.
  • PuristSPro -- No Heuer Forum here, but PuristSPro and its forums cover Omega, AP, A. Lange & Sohne, Patek Philippe, Glashutte Original and several more of the "high-end" brands. There is also a Collectors Marketplace to buy / sell / trade these types of brands and the Horological Meandering forum.
  • Vintage Rolex Forum. -- Nothing but vintage Rolexes here, but I admire a good watch forum, whatever the content. From the discussion forum, you can also visit their Vintage Rolex Market, vintage Rolex dial archive, and Rolex serial number project. There are often discussions of the state of the market for vintage watches.
  • Some other discussion forums -- TZ-UK -- Watch Talk

Blogs and Websites Focusing on Heuers

  • HeuerChrono.com -- A new site (November 2013) focusing on the Heuer Skippers and other sailing watches
  • Calibre11.com -- David Chalmers (HK) offers views and opinions of both Vintage Heuer and the newer Tag Heuer watches.
  • Heuerville -- Stewart Morley covers the vintage Heuer chronographs and dive watches, illustrated with his amazing photos.
  • Classic Heuers -- As the title suggests, Jarl Fr. Erichsen (Norway) covers the vintage Heuers.
  • HeuerMonaco.Co.UK -- Rich Crosthwaite (UK) provides comprehensive information about the vintage Monacos, including their history, a price guide and serial number registries. Also have a look at Rich's Vintage Heuer Price Guide, Autavia website and his Silverstone website.
  • HeuerWorld -- Paul Gavin shares his amazing photographs of the vintage Heuers; have a look at this stunning group photo, as an example, then explore the entire website.
  • Heuer Heritage -- Thomas Lubbock's great looking buy / sell / trade website, also providing some information about the Heuers.
  • 24Heuer.com -- Andy Ogg's website covering the vinatge the Heuers.

Private Collections -- Heuers

  • www.avantnoire.com -- David DeVos (US) shares his collection of vintage Heuer chronographs, along with some nice Sinn chronographs.
  • Dogen's Flickr Collection -- Toolwatches of the Hippie Era -- Dogen (also known as Tiga) shares amazing photos of his collections of Heuers, Omegas, Enicars and other watches from the 1960s and 70s
  • HeuerWatches.net -- Peter Moller (Denmark) shares his collection of Heuers, with a focus on the Autavias.
  • www.mackmakeriet.se -- OnTheDash contributor Arne Johansson has a beautiful cafe, in Sweden, so why not display his beautiful watches on the same website . . . Heuers, Omegas, Breitlings and some other nice vintage chronographs.
  • www.cal11.com -- OnTheDash contributor Par Wallstrom displays his beautiful collection. Load of Heuers, a few Omegas and several other brands.
  • HeuerChronographs.com -- "Heuer Chronographs" provides information about Arno Haslinger's book, which covers his amazing collection of vintage Heuer chronographs. The Haslinger collection was sold by Bonhams, in December 2010.
  • www.HeuerAutavia.com -- The a-p-e collection of automatic Autavias, a useful reference for the automatic Autavias, including a Price Guide and tutorials to help you determine authenticity; also offers a comprehensive collection of Heuer catalogs and literature. Also, check the companion website Breitling-Navitimer.com.

Watch-Related Blogs

  • Hodinkee -- It describes itself as "a daily blog of the most interesting watches in the world", and that's really what it is. Founder / visionary Ben Clymer loves his Heuers and provides excellent coverage of other vintage chronographs. There are a lot of watch blogs out there; this one is simply the best! Also, visit the Hodinkee Shop for excellent watch straps, travel rolls and other accessories.
  • Crown and Caliber Blog -- Crown and Caliber provides a consignment service for people selling luxury watches, and their blog provides advice and information for watch enthusiasts.
  • FratelloWatch Blog -- Founded by Robert-Jan Broer in 2004, provides opinionated watch reviews, comments, photo essays and watch event reports.
  • Quill and Pad -- New blog (January 2014) by Elizabeth Doerr and Ian Skellern, perpetuating the art of high-quality, long-form journalism with in-depth reports and exclusive photos and videos.
  • Horologium -- an Australia-based watch site where you will find industry news, hands-on reviews, interviews and more; established in June 2012 by Y. Chan
  • Monochrome Watches -- founded by Frank Galeen in 2006, Monochrome covers the most interesting watches and explains the beauty of highly complicated (mechanical) timepieces -- haute horlogerie, independent watchmaking and interesting vintage timepieces.
  • The #WatchNerd -- Bills itself as the blog you can safely ignore, but we do enjoy it. Covers British watchmaking and lots of dive watches.
  • The Prodigal Guide -- Watches -- The Prodigal Guide covers watches, as well as cars, gadgets, films and other interesting subjects.
  • Perpetuelle -- Kyle Stults provides comprehensive coverage of the watch world.
  • Worn & Wound -- reviews and commentary on beautifully designed, well crafted and affordable watches.
  • Watch Anish -- Anish Bhatt and his crew cover watches, with additional coverage of menswear, cars and other lifestyle interests.
  • Watches by SJX -- blog by Su Jia Xianis is dedicated to his eclectic interest in horology, with an emphasis on unique and opinionated content.
  • Breitling Source Blog -- Covers Breitling and many other brands
  • Escapement -- objective is to help readers understand the intricacies of “haute horology” and lead them to appreciate the interface between hand, eye and tools demonstrated by some of the world’s finest watch manufacturers.
  • A Blog To Watch -- Established in 2007 by Ariel Adams, and now claiming to be the world's most popular source for watch news, reviews and admiration.
  • A Timely Perspective -- Editor Roberta Nass undertakes to "bring the facts to light about new timepieces, their masterful movements, the technology and people behind them, brands and directions they take"
  • Alltop -- Watches -- An RSS Aggregator that offers headlines from dozens of watch-related blogs.
  • SteveG's Watch Launchpad -- Not a blog, and not a website, but definitely an amazing place to see and read about some very interesting.
  • Nick Hacko Watchmaker -- Nick Hacko (Australia) provides the watchmaker's perspective.
  • The Watch Spot -- Richard Askham focuses on wristwatch restoration, servicing and repair.
  • Gone But Not Forgotten (Blogs that are no longer active) -- Chuck Maddox's Watch Blog (blogged 2004-2008); Longitude -- Christie's Watch Blog (postings 2001-2013); I Already Have a Watch (2008-2010)

Websites of Watch Magazines

Dealers in Vintage Watches and Chronographs -- Likely to Find Heuers

  • HeuerTime.com -- Abel Court is a beloved member of our community, and now (February 2014) he has created a beautiful site for sales and service of vintage Heuer chronographs. Located in Belgium, Abel is a foiurth generation goldsmith with a passion for the Heuers.
  • Chronomatic.com -- On any given day, Nic Green's website is where you will find the largest selection of vintage Heuers in the world; the best of the best, and rarest of the rare, all found here. Great guy; great site.
  • Wanna Buy A Watch? -- Los Angeles store, with as many chronographs as you will find anywhere; always a few Heuers. Ken is one of the great guys in the vintage watch world; reliable and trustworthy.
  • ATG Vintage Watches -- Alistair Gibbons, a long-time contributor to OnTheDash and Chronocentric, sells Bremont and Dodane 1857 watches, as well as some interesting vintage watches. His beautiful website is also home to an excellent group of Discussion Forums.
  • Nakai Watch.com -- Rob Pejsa's new website (October 2011) combines beautiful Heuers, stunning photographs and excellent information to provide a great shopping (or browsing) experience.
  • Caso Watches -- Fabrizio has an excellent eye for vintage watches, especially chronographs and dive watches.
  • WatchesToBuy -- Derek Dier's beautiful site has a broad selection of vintage watches and chronographs; some emphasis on military timepieces; usually some nice Heuers.
  • Analog Shift -- Three guys based in New York City who have a really good eye for vintage chronographs (and other interesting watches), and have created a great looking website.
  • Squinky.com -- No watches here, but Bill Mahoney has the world's best selection of original straps, bracelets and buckles for our vintage Heuers.
  • Farfo's Vintage Watches -- John DiDonato has a great eye for the vintage chronographs, and will usually have some Heuers in stock; also check this site for the "poor man's Heuers"
  • Matthew Bain Inc. -- always has interesting vintage chronographs, and will usually feature some nice vintage Heuers.
  • World of Time -- A beautiful site, with a large selection of top watches. Among the hundreds of watches, at any given time, you can expect to find many excellent Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces.
  • ExoticWatches.net -- Philippe specializes in the vintage Rolexes, but always has some beautiful Heuers.
  • Private Eyes Vintage Watches -- Endo's site features an excellent range of chronographs, primarily from the 1940's and 1950's, with Heuer and many of our other favorite brands, all in top noth condition.
  • Jack Road Watches -- website is written in Japanese, and the store will not ship outside Japan, but the amazing selection of modern and vintage watches makes this a worthwhile visit.
  • ClassicHeuer.de -- a beautiful website from Jasper Bitter, a frequent contributor to OnTheDash and Chronocentric; primarily Heuers, and some excellent jacket and other accessories.
  • CoolVintageWatches.com -- Good looking watches, with emphasis on 50s through 70s; owner John Putnam is one of the nice guys in the vintage watch business.
  • Terence Howells -- Dealer located in Basel, will usually have some nice Heuers.
  • Bachman & Scher -- A Munich store, wtih nice vintage chronographs (Heuer, Breitling, etc.)
  • TimeMan.Net -- lots of vintage chronographs -- Heuer, Omega, Breitling and many other brands.
  • Clemens von Halem -- Among the beautiful Patek Philippes and Rolexes, you will usually find a handful of high-end Heuers; often has pre-Carrera chronographs, from the 1940's and 50's.
  • VintageHeuer.com -- Respected UK dealer Jonathan Scatchard offers vintage Heuers and other interesting chronographs..
  • Heirloom Gallery -- a beautiful, informative website with lots of top quality chronographs (and always some interesting Heuers); owner Shawn is always excellent to deal with, as well
  • Gisbert A. Joseph Watches -- the most comprehensive website of watches and chronographs (for sale) and incredible watch-related information
  • Finer Times -- adds new items almost every day; you can search by brand or see what has been added most recently
  • Chronomaster Mechanical Watches -- a U.K. dealer, with a large supply; always some Heuers; lots of vintage chronographs and military watches

Dealers in Vintage Watches and Chronographs -- No Heuers, but Fun Anyway!!

  • WorldlyWatches.com -- Visit this site to admire the very best sport Rolexes, including vintage Daytonas, Submariners, Sea Dwellers and McQueen's "other" watches. Be sure to check out Stephane's personal collection. If only he owned a nice Heuer, his collection would be complete!!
  • Robert Moran, Inc. -- Load of high-end vintage chronographs, including the best from Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Omega Resources

Breitling Resources

  • History of the Breitling Navitimer and History of the Breitling Cosmonaute-- Alan Trott's fantastic illustrated histories of these legendary Breitling chronographs; also includes links to other Breitling Resources.
  • www.Navitimer.Net-- the unoficial website of the Breitling Navitimer; includes a list showing serial numbers for each year of production, from 1944 through 1978
  • Breitling Navitimer - by Kurt Broendum-- everything you ever wanted to know about the history and variations of the Breitling Navitimer, including excellent photos of the major versions.
  • Breitling Source-- A comprehensive source of information about the Breitlings, both vintage and modern. The website has a series of forums -- including one covering the vintage Breitlings -- as well as articles, reviews and other interesting information.
  • Horological Services-- Leading US factory certified service center for Breitling watches, with excellent restoration services.

Seiko Resources

Websites relating to LCD, LED, Jump-Hour and Other Crazy, Funky and Unusual Watches

  • Watchismo-- Fantastic blog and a shop with lots of unusual watches. The Watchismo Times blog is self-described as "a relinquary of obscure timepieces from bygone eras as well as the cutting edge designs of today" I don't know what a "relinquary" might be, but this is a fantastic blog.
  • 70s Watches.com-- This site announces that it sells 70's watches for watch collectors and "70's style gurus". Not so sure about the style guru thing, but this website does have some interesting watches and clocks.
  • Digital Watch Forum -- When you want to take a break from the Heuers, Omegas and Rolexes, have a look at this forum, covering LED watches and LCD watches. Even if you aren't into these watches, you may admire a nice forum, with lots of references and resources.

Watch-Related References -- Non-Commercial

  • Chuck Maddox's Articles About Watches . . . an amazing group of articles written by Chuck Maddox, and lots of links and watch resources
  • Chronocentric -- The largest independent, non-commercial, consumer-oriented resource on the Internet for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of fine wristwatches. Online since 1998.
  • Watchfinder -- An incredible resource, for modern and vintage watches; helps you learn which watch to buy, and where to buy it . . . covers hundreds of brands and includes a database to identify the watches that you want.
  • WatchesOnline.biz -- a portal for watch enthusiasts featuring an extensive database of watch, clock and horology links...news, reviews and watch discounts

Dealers in Vintage Rally Gear and Memorabilia

  • Retro-UK -- Classic Rally Spares and Accessories
  • Autochron -- Specialists in historic race and rally timing and navigational equipment
  • autosportcollector.com -- Laurence Edscer's fantastic selection of Motorsport Memorabilia
  • Ford RS Stuff -- Ford RS and Rally Sport Memorabilia

Websites relating to Watch Movements

  • www.Lemania5100.net-- everything you ever wanted to know about the Lemania 5100
  • A Brief History of the Automatic Chronograph -- Our favorite year -- 1969 -- when the United States won the race to land a man on the moon, and Heuer and Zenith raced to produce the first automatic chronograph; written by Dr. Christoph. Ozdoba.

Websites of Vintage Racing Photographs

  • Formula SL -- Formula One photographs from the early 1970's, including many by our friend, Sue Lehmann (shown with Jo Siffert, in the photo).

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