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Logos and Specials

Here is a Carrera with the Indianapolis 500 logo, Chronosplit with Ferrari Logo, Carrera with MG Logo, and in the back we have the Rallymaster with Ferrari logo on Monte-carlo dial.

Here are two Heuers with two different Champion logos, in the back we have a Carrera with the Shelby Cobra logo, Carrera with racing helmet logo, and a Monza with Racing Mate on the dial.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Mercury Cougar

In 1967, Mercury, a division of Ford Motor Company, entered a Mercury Cougar in the Trans Am racing series. Here is an excellentrecap of the Cougar's Trans Am season, which turned out to be its only season in the series. You can see additional photos of this Carrera HERE.

Shelby Cobra

According to the son of a former field sales manager for Shelby (Northeast Region of the U.S.), the Carrera 45 Dato (shown immediately below) was is of two dozen that were commissioned for the 1968 New York Auto Show. The 68 Shelby Mustangs were introduced at that show. The Sales Manager picked up the watches from a Manhattan jeweler the day the show opened and the watches were given to Ford dealers and other VIPs at the show.

Sunray DX

Sunray DX was the oil company sponsor of Corvettes that raced in endurance races such as the 12 hours of Sebring and the Daytona 24 hour race.

Audi Sport

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MG -- the British carmaker -- was a regular customer of Heuer in the late 1960s, and MG ordered Carreras for its dealers on several occasions. The "MG" logo and, in some instances, the name of a dealer's salesman or other employee, was added to a normal Carrera dial by a company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The dial was removed from a stock Carrera, send to the company in Lancaster, and then returned to Heuer, for delivery upon the instruction of MG.


In 1975, Beechcraft, a manufacturer of private aircraft, offered Calculator chronographs through its dealers. The chronographs were offered for $225, with production limited to 500 watches.

Chuck Maddox has done some research and determined that the "helmet" logo on this Carrera is for the Magazine "AutoWeek/Competition Press" from the 1960's and 1970's.



Simoniz produced wax and other products for washing and waxing cars.