The definitive online guide to Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces
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The Movements -- What Makes it Tick?

This Page will contain photographs of the movements that were used in the Heuer chronographs and dashboard timepieces, in a format that will serve as a "recognition guide". Here are some additional resources relating to the chronograph movements shown on this page.

  • for a massive database of information about watch movements, see the Ranfft Watches -- Pink Pages. This amazing database includes photos of hundreds of movements, as well as technical and historical information.
  • Valjoux 72 Movements. For an interesting history of the Valjoux 72 family of movements, see a December 2005 blog written by Chuck Maddox. Here is a scan of a Vajoux 72 technical / service manual.
  • Chronomatic / Caliber 11-12-14-15 Movements.For a comprehensive history of the development and introduction of the Chronomatic series of movements, see the webpage, "Project 99" -- The Race to Develop the First Automatic Chronograph. For articles about the public introduction of the Chronomatic / Caliber 11 series of movements, see these excerpts from the Swiss Watch and Jewelry Journal, Second Quarter 1969.

Chronograph movements

Early Valjoux 22 (shown in chronograph from 1917)

Later Valjoux 22 (shown in Reference 347 Chronograph)

Later Valjoux 22 (shown in Reference 3336 Chronograph)

Valjoux 23 (shown in Reference 404 chronograph, circa 1960)

Valjoux 230 (shown in Heuer Bundeswehr chronograph)

valjoux 71 (shown in Reference 345 Chronograph)

Valjoux 71 (shown in Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer, early 1950's)

Early Valjoux 72 (shown in Reference 2447 Chronograph)

valjoux 72 (shown in early Heuer Carrera, with screw-back case)

Valjoux 72 (shown in Heuer Autavia)

Valjoux 72 (shown in Heuer Camaro)

Valjoux 72C -- triple calendar (shown in Early Heuer Triple Calendar Chronograph, Reference 2543, circa 1946)

valjoux 721 -- with tide dial (shown in Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer, circa 1955)

valjoux 92 (shown in First Execution Heuer Autavia, reference 3646)

Caliber 11 (shown in "Siffert" Version of the Autavia, reference 1163T)

Caliber 12 (shown in "Viceroy" Version of the Autavia, reference 1163V)

Caliber 14 (shown in Autavia GMT, reference 1163 GMT)

Valjoux 7733 (shown in Military Version of Autavia, reference 73363)

Valjoux 7736 (shown in Autavia Reference 73663)

Valjoux 7734 (shown in Autavia, reference 73463

Valjoux 7750 (shown in Pasadena)

Dashboard Timepiece Movements

valjoux 76 (shown in early version of the Super Autavia)

valjoux 76R (shown in Pocket Chronograph -- Ref 11204)

valjoux 5 (shown in later version of the Super Autavia)

Pocket Chronograph Movements

valjoux 61 (shown in a pocket chronograph)

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