OnTheDash is the definitive guide to vintage Heuer timepieces. OnTheDash has been online since February 2003, and was re-launched on an entirely new platform on July 25, 2018.

OnTheDash presents images of over 575 different models and executions of vintage Heuer chronographs, and scans of over 70 original Heuer catalogs covering the period 1935 through 1985.  OnTheDash offers a database of vintage Heuer chronographs that provides detailed information about the Heuer chronographs shown on the site.  OnTheDash also includes reference tables providing detailed information about the various chronographs, blog postings about vintage Heuers and other timepieces, and registries of some of the rarest Heuer models.

In addition to serving as a reference for vintage Heuer timepieces, OnTheDash serves as the hub for a vibrant community of collectors. Our vintage Heuer discussion forum currently has over 100,000 postings, with these fully-searchable postings providing information about watches and events of interest to collectors. Our discussion forum also provides a social experience for participants, as collectors share their watches, information and life experiences. Our ChronoTrader forum provides a platform for collectors to buy / sell / trade / seek interesting watches and chronographs, with no fees to buyers or sellers.

OnTheDash is active in social media, with over 11,000 followers on each of Twitter and Instagram. This social media following is entirely organic, as we do not pay for followers or exchange links (unless we are actually using the other outlet). The OnTheDash blog is created internally, with the occasional posting from members of the community. Our most popular postings provide detailed information about specific models or series (such as this Collectors Guide to Autavias and this Definitive History of the Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer).

OnTheDash was created by Jeff Stein and he continues to own and operate the site.  In November 2016, Jeff was a guest on Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches”; this video provides an excellent overview of Jeff’s collection and how he approaches the hobby of watch collecting.

OnTheDash is independent, providing information to the public at no cost and receiving no revenue from advertisers or any other sources. Jeff’s articles about Heuers and collecting vintage watches have appeared on Hodinkee, Revolution and Watchonista, as well as in International Watch, QP, WristWatch, AboutTime and many other publications. Jeff has provided information to support journalists writing for many of the leading publications in the world. We enjoy collaboration and welcome ideas about projects and events that will be of interest to the vintage Heuer community.

The watches shown OnTheDash are reference samples and are not offered for sale. We are happy to provide information about the authenticity or value of readers’ watches, and will occasionally purchase a watch from someone who is seeking to sell it. We are happy to match prospective buyers and sellers of rare or unusual vintage Heuer chronographs, charging no fee for such introductions.

Contact OnTheDash by email — OnTheDash@bellsouth.net; or by telephone 1-678-637-3193.

Jeff Stein
July 25, 2018, updated November 1, 2019