In this section, we cover celebrities who wore Heuers, not because they were under contract as ambassadors, but because of their own choosing.

From time to time, we cover celebrities who are of interest, wearing brands other than Heuer.

If you spot an interesting person wearing an old Heuer, please send us photos and information.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton addressed the Democratic Convention last night, and soon after he started speaking,  I started receiving e-mail messages asking “What’s that watch that Bill Clinton is wearing?”  Clinton has a nice collection of watches, and I am familiar with a few that he has worn over the years (AP, Panerai, etc.), but I had never seen him wearing this watch.

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Bo Derek

For information about the Heuer dive watch that Bo Derek received as a gift from her father in 1980, and wore in the pictorial that appeared in Playboy magazine in March 1980, see our posting, Watch in the Wild: Bo Derek, Wearing Nothing But a Heuer (and a Smile).


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Dwight Eisenhower

This is a guest posting by Nick Gould, that was published on March 4, 2020.  Nick researches and writes about the history of watches, and has gained fame in the watch community as a “watch spotter”.  Most recently, Nick provided the definitive identification of the Patek Philippe Reference 5205G annual calendar watch worn by Chief Justice John Roberts,

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Mick Jagger

our posting from February 28, 2013 — Satisfaction — Mick Jagger is a Heuer Guy!

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Stanley Kubrick

coming soon — Stanley Kubrick’s Monaco, Reference 1133G

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Gus Malzahn

Last year, in the course of writing a posting covering the $95 Fossil watch worn by Alabama football coach Nick Saban, I identified and commented on the watches worn by some other prominent college football coaches – Steve Spurrier, Les Miles, Mark Richt and a few others.  These gentlemen are leaders of popular football programs and are highly visible on Saturdays during the season,

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Barack Obama

OnTheDash includes 14 postings covering the watches that Barack Obama has worn over the years.  You can see all 14 of the postings here — Watching Obama’s Watch

Here are links to each of the 14 postings —

1. Barack Obama’s Watches (September 2008)
2. Barack Obama’s TAG-Heuer Watch (September 2008)

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Brad Pitt

Watch collectors are different.  While most people watch movies for entertainment, for escape, or even for information, a “watch guy” may watch an entire movie for the sake of identifying the various watches worn by members of the cast.  Of course there are the famous ones, the watches worn by James Bond, Sylvester Stallone and the high-profile Hollywood ambassadors,

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Nick Saban

OnTheDash include two postings covering the watches that Nick Saban wore while the Head Coach of the University of Alabama football team

  • Watching Nick Saban — The Six Watches He Wore at Alabama (January 14, 2024) covers all six of the watches that Saban wore while at Alabama
  • Spotted: Nick Saban Wears a $95 Fossil Chronograph (November 24,
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Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a significant car collection, and is a well-known Porsche enthusiast.

Although Breitling seems to be Seinfeld’s brand of choice, he is regularly spotted wearing an Autavia Reference 1163 T (known as the “Siffert” model).  Given Seinfeld’s admiration for historic Porsches, and the Siffert connection, it is not surprising that this is the Heuer he has selected.

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