In 1972, the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company ran a promotion through which customers could purchase a Heuer Autavia chronograph for $88, with proof of purchase of a carton of Viceroy cigarettes (which consisted of 1o packs).  At that time, Autavia chronographs were being sold for $200, through the normal dealer channel.

I will be writing more about the Viceroy promotion, and the impact on the Heuer brand, but wanted to create this page to show the advertisements for the Autavia promotion, along with some other Viceroy ads from 1972 that used the motorsports theme, and showed Heuer chronographs and stopwatches.

Viceroy Advertisement for Autavia Promotion

Below is a portion of the advertisement, in high resolution.

Detail of Ad for Viceroy Promotion

The following table shows the magazines in which the advertisement for the Heuer Autavia promotion was placed.  The first advertisement appeared in the May 15, 1972 edition of US News and World Report, and the last advertisements for the Heuer Autavia promotion ran in August 1972.  By its terms, the promotion ended on December 31, 1972.

US News and World Report May 15, 1972
Life May 19, 1972
Newsweek May 22, 1972
Time May 29, 1972
Sports Illustrated June 5, 1972
Sports Afield June 1972
Argosy June 1972
Field and Stream July 1972
Mechanics Illsutrated July 1972
Sport July 1972
Guns and Ammo July 1972
Motor Trend July 1972
Playboy August 1972
Penthouse August 1972
Outdoor Life August 1972
Popular Mechanics August 1972
Car and Driver August 1972
Road and Track August 1972


The photo-shoots for the earliest advertisements must have been done, before Viceroy had arranged for the sponsorship of the Vel’s Parnelli Jones racing team.  These advertisements show “generic” cars and the racing suits and helmets do not show the Viceroy colors or logo.

Viceroy Ad from Early 1972   Viceroy Ad -- March 1972

The first appearance of a Vel’s Parnelli Jones car in a Viceroy advertisement comes in May 1972, with the advertisement on the left.  This advertisement ran before the launch of the Heuer Autavia promotion, but the racer’s chronograph and the timing board with three stopwatches is prominent in the ad.
Viceroy Ad from 1972 Viceroy Ad from 1972 Viceroy Ad from 1972

The program for the Indianapolis 500 included a Viceroy advertisement (shown below) that did not run in other magazines.  The Number 9 car was driven by Mario Andretti, in the 1972 Indy 500.

Viceroy Ad from 1972 Indy 500 Program

Shown below are Viceroy advertisements that ran during and after the Heuer chronograph promotion, from June 1972 through December 1972.

Viceroy Ad from June 1972 Viceroy Ad from October 1972  Viceroy Ad -- December 1972