On August 14, 2012, Hodinkee.com published an article that I authored covering the history of the Heuer / Viceroy Autavia promotion — “How the Number Three Cigarette in America Made Heuer a Household Name“.   This posting will provide links to additional resources and information relating to the Viceroy Autavias.

Galleries of Viceroy Autavias – Our OnTheDash Galleries shows samples of the early Reference 1163 Viceroy Autavia from every angle, as well as the later Reference 11630 Viceroy Autavia.

Autavia 1163V  Heuer Autavia Reference 11630V

Comparison of Viceroy Autavias – This page compares the four executions of the Viceroy Autavia, including the Reference 1163 and Reference 11630 versions.

Serial Numbers and Batches of the Viceroy Autavias — In this posting, Mark Moss explores the serial numbers and production “batches” of the Autavias, and concludes that a total production of 5,000 Viceroy Autavias is a “fair extrapolation”.

Chronomatic Autavia -- SN 141206 Chronomatic Autavia -- SN 141206 (Detail)

Field Guide to the Heuer Autavia, Reference 1163 (Black Dial)This page shows the differences between the Viceroy Autavia, and the three earlier versions of the Reference 1163 MH Autavia.

Autavia Reference TableOur Autavia Reference Table provides detailed information covering over 80 models and executions of the Heuer Autavia.

Autavia Reference Table

Auto Racer Advertisements.  This page shows most of the advertisements used in Viceroy’s 1972 “ Auto Racer” campaign, including the advertisement that offered the $88 Viceroy Autavia.

Viceroy Advertisement -- 1972  Viceroy Autavia Advertisement -- 1972

Additional Resources relating to the Heuer Autavia Viceroy Chronograph

  • Case study of Heuer-Leonidas, from l’Institut pour l’Etude des Methodes de Direction de l’Entreprice (IMEDE), Lausanne, Switzerland (reprinted in Business Policy, Text and Cases, Third Edition, Richard D. Irwin, Inc. (1973).
  • Tobacco Documents Online — a database that includes millions of documents from the tobacco industry, including a collection from Brown & Williamson, the maker of Viceroy cigarettes