Introducing the Carrera Sport Chronograph – TAG Heuer Returns to Race Pace

The New “Flagship” Carrera Chronograph

It seems that just about every five years, TAG Heuer redesigns its most popular chronograph, the Carrera.  In 2005, the Carrera chronograph moved to a larger case with a fixed Tachymeter bezel; in 2010, we saw TAG Heuer introduce its in-house Heuer 01 movement in an entirely new Carrera; and in 2015,

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Introducing the Fragment Design Heuer 02 Chronograph — Formula 1 Has a New Champion

TAG Heuer did a strange thing back in November 2018.  The Swiss watch brand went far outside the box, in retaining Hiroshi Fujiwara, the founder of Fragment Design and a legend in the world of streetwear, to design a limited edition of the Heuer Carrera.

The elevator version is that Fujiwara explored the TAG Heuer archives and selected the Carrera Reference 2447 NT (circa 1967) as his starting point;

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Vintage Heuer — Chasing the Grails

I begin with a confession – I don’t really like referring to particular watches as “grails”.  Different collectors seem to use the word “grail” in different ways, with some collectors having drawers full of them and others suggesting that a real grail is unattainable.  Google the term “grail collecting”, and you will find yourself reading about the rarest and most precious baseball cards,

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Spotted – The Heuer Chronograph Worn by General Dwight Eisenhower in World War Two (Guest Posting by Nick Gould)

This is a guest posting by Nick Gould.  Nick researches and writes about the history of watches, and has gained fame in the watch community as a “watch spotter”.  Most recently, Nick provided the definitive identification of the Patek Philippe Reference 5205G annual calendar watch worn by Chief Justice John Roberts, during the U.S.

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Unique Autavia to be Sold in “Watch & Act” Auction (ending Jan 30 / 31)

On January 21, 2019, leading Australian watch blog, Time & Tide, announced its “Watch & Act” World Watch Auction, in aid of the Australian brush fire crisis.  Watch brands and other industry players have created or donated special watches, with all auction proceeds going to Australian charities.  There is an interesting range of watches included in the auction,

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