Anatomy of the (Three-Handed) Autavia – Introducing the Isograph

March 20, 2019 is a historic day for TAG Heuer. In 1933, Heuer introduced its Autavia dashboard timer, a 12-hour stopwatch designed for AUTomobiles and AVIAtion. In 1962, the Autavia name moved to the new chronographs that the company introduced, again with the features designed for racers, rally navigators and pilots. Today, TAG Heuer has introduced its first “three-hand” Autavia,

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Baselworld Preview — Are We Ready for the Three-Handed Autavia?

Last year, at Baselworld (March 2018), TAG Heuer allowed a “leak” of two Autavia prototypes.  These prototypes were different from all the Autavias that Heuer and TAG Heuer have offered, over the period since 1962, in that the two prototypes were not chronographs, but were plain, old-fashioned watches (i.e., no built-in stopwatch, but only hands to tell the time of day). 

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Announcing the #Chronomatic50 Celebration – 03.03.2019

On March 3, 1969, at press conferences held simultaneously at the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva and the Pan Am Building in New York City, Breitling and Heuer announced their development of the world’s first automatic chronograph.  Breitling and Heuer had teamed with Hamilton-Buren and Dubois Depraz, with these two partners being responsible for the technical development of the new Chronomatic (Caliber 11) movement. 

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Introducing the Carrera Heuer 02 by Fragment Design / Hiroshi Fujiwara (LE)

In a companion posting for Hodinkee, we have discussed the Carrera Heuer 02 by Fragment Design / Hiroshi Fujiwara, in the context of other re-editions of the Heuer Carrera.  In this posting, I will cover the basics of the Fragment Carrera and also provide some impressions of my first few days wearing the watch.

The Elevator Version

In the Carrera by Fragment Design,

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Registry of Black PVD Monacos

There has been considerable controversy and debate about the question of (a) whether Heuer actually produced Black PVD Monacos or (b) whether Heuer might have commenced the project of producing these watches, but abandoned the project after encountering difficulties, leaving some of these watches produced by Heuer (as pre-production prototypes) and others to be assembled from the parts that Heuer had ordered for the project.

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