$2,208,000 and Worth Every Penny of It! Today’s Record Price for a Heuer Chronograph

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, this Heuer Monaco chronograph, worn by Steve McQueen in the filming of Le Mans, was sold for $2,208,000, a record for any Heuer or TAG Heuer chronograph.  In this posting, we will consider some of the factors that contributed to this extraordinary result.


Phillips held its “Racing Pulse” auction on Saturday,

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Happy Birthday, Jack Heuer – 88 is Looking Great!

In the last couple of months, I have celebrated my 65th birthday and the 40th anniversary of the start of my legal career. I wasn’t necessarily looking to mark these two occasions with the traditional gold watches, but as fate would have it, two 18 karat gold Heuer chronographs arrived recently, to coincide, more or less,

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Auction Watch – Monaco Legend Group Selling 24 Heuer Chronographs, October 31, 2020

Vintage Heuer collectors are often frustrated with the major auction houses.  We are accustomed to seeing Christie’s and Sotheby’s sprinkle a handful of vintage Heuer chronographs among the 250 watches that they will offer in an auction, and in many instances these Heuers appear to be “filler”.  Often, they are common models that are readily available on eBay or dealer sites,

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TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph (2020) — Photo Album

On September 16, 2020, TAG Heuer introduced a new model, simply called the “Carrera Chronograph”.  It’s a 42 millimeter watch, powered by the Heuer 02 movement, with four choices of dials — black, blue, anthracite and silver (white).  I have been wearing the black model for the last 10 days, and this Photo Album will include some photos of this watch,

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The Fragment Formula 1 — Yes, It’s My Favorite TAG Heuer Chronograph . . . Ever

Earlier in August, my friends at International Watch Magazine asked me some questions about my infatuation with the new TAG Heuer Fragment Design Heuer 02 Chronograph (commonly called the “Fragment Formula 1”), and they published the interview on August 10, 2020. With their permission, we are republishing the interview here.

International Watch —

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Watching Obama’s Watch

In August 2008, when Barack Obama was a candidate for the Presidency, a friend at TAG Heuer called me and said that people in the company had heard that Obama was wearing one of their watches.  Because it was an older model that was no longer in production, she enlisted my help in identifying the watch. 

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Fragment Design Heuer 02 Chronograph (“Formula 1”) — Photo Album

A page showing some photographs of the Fragment Design Heuer 02 chronograph (which we will call the “Fragment Design Formula 1”).  For additional information about the Fragment Design Formula 1 chronograph, see our posting — Introducing the Fragment Design Heuer 02 Chronograph — Formula 1 Has a New Champion.

I received my Fragment Design Formula 1 chronograph on July 21,

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Introducing the Carrera Sport Chronograph – TAG Heuer Returns to Race Pace

The New “Flagship” Carrera Chronograph

It seems that just about every five years, TAG Heuer redesigns its most popular chronograph, the Carrera.  In 2005, the Carrera chronograph moved to a larger case with a fixed Tachymeter bezel; in 2010, we saw TAG Heuer introduce its in-house Heuer 01 movement in an entirely new Carrera; and in 2015,

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Introducing the Fragment Design Heuer 02 Chronograph — Formula 1 Has a New Champion

TAG Heuer did a strange thing back in November 2018.  The Swiss watch brand went far outside the box, in retaining Hiroshi Fujiwara, the founder of Fragment Design and a legend in the world of streetwear, to design a limited edition of the Heuer Carrera.

The elevator version is that Fujiwara explored the TAG Heuer archives and selected the Carrera Reference 2447 NT (circa 1967) as his starting point;

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Vintage Heuer — Chasing the Grails

I begin with a confession – I don’t really like referring to particular watches as “grails”.  Different collectors seem to use the word “grail” in different ways, with some collectors having drawers full of them and others suggesting that a real grail is unattainable.  Google the term “grail collecting”, and you will find yourself reading about the rarest and most precious baseball cards,

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#QuarantineWatch, Story 1 — TAG Heuer Aquagraph

On Thursday, April 23, 2020, I posted an Instagram story about the watch that I have been wearing most often during the COVID-19 quarantine.  [For those reading this some years from now, who may not be familiar with this chapter in world history, the COVID-19 quarantine was an extended period, generally beginning in March 2020 in Europe and North America,

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Spotted – The Heuer Chronograph Worn by General Dwight Eisenhower in World War Two (Guest Posting by Nick Gould)

This is a guest posting by Nick Gould.  Nick researches and writes about the history of watches, and has gained fame in the watch community as a “watch spotter”.  Most recently, Nick provided the definitive identification of the Patek Philippe Reference 5205G annual calendar watch worn by Chief Justice John Roberts, during the U.S.

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