Breaking News – Phillips Selling Two of John Glenn’s Watches

During the summer, Phillips announced its “Game Changers” auction, to be held in New York City, on December 10, 2019. The two watches highlighted in the press release announcing the auction were the Rolex GMT Master worn by Marlon Brando in “Apocalypse Now” and the Rolex Day-Date worn by Jack Nicklaus on a daily basis for many years.

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Quick Look — 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Monaco for the 2000s

I will be writing more about this watch, when the fifth (and final) 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Monaco is released, but in the meanwhile, this posting will provide at least a quick look at the fourth 50th Anniversary LE Monaco.  Released today, this fourth Limited Edition Monaco pays tribute to the fourth decade of the Monaco,

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A Noteworthy Watch — Breitling’s “Scott Carpenter” Cosmonaute

In our “Noteworthy Watch” postings, we cover some watches that may be particularly interesting to collectors.  In today’s posting, we cover a watch that I have just added to my collection, the Breitling Cosmonaute, Reference 809, as worn by Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter.  Carpenter flew the Mercury-Atlas 7 flight, on May 24, 1962, becoming the second American to orbit the earth. 

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50th Anniversary Limited Edition Monaco for the 1990s

TAG Heuer has just introduced the third of the five Limited Edition chronographs that will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Heuer Monaco.  Each of these five models represents the themes, styles and trends of a particular decade in the life of the Monaco, with this third model representing the style of the 1990s.  (For our thoughts on TAG Heuer’s approach to these Special Editions,

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Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Celebrations — Thoughts on TAG Heuer’s 50th Anniversary Monacos

The weekend of June 14 to June 17, 2019 was a big one for celebrations.  On Friday, June 14, TAG Heuer introduced the second in its series of five Monaco 50th Anniversary Limited Edition chronographs; on Saturday, June 15, our daughter celebrated her 21st birthday; Sunday, June 16 was Father’s Day, a four-generation celebration in our family;

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50th Anniversary Limited Edition Monaco for the 1980s — Racing and Rust

Today, TAG Heuer introduced the second of the five Limited Edition chronographs that will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Heuer Monaco.  Now that we have seen two of the five Monacos in the series, we can get some perspective on what these first two watches represent and what we might expect from the remaining three watches.

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Announcing the Winners — #Monaco50 Photo Contest, by Bamford Watch Department

This past weekend, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Heuer Monaco, @BamfordWatchDepartment and artist extraordinaire (and Heuer enthusiast) @JulieKraulis staged a photo contest for members of the community.  Approximately 100 enthusiasts posted their best photos of either vintage or modern Monacos and posted them with the #Monaco50 hashtag.

Bamford then compiled them into their Instagram story and Julie proceeded to select three winners,

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Heuer Dash-Mounted Timers — Overview of the Master Time

The Master Time 8-day clock had the longest run of any of the dash-mounted Heuers, tracing its history back to the Hervues of the 1930s.  Heuer first used the “Master Time” name in 1958 and the clock continued in production until 1985, making the transition from metal cases to plastic and from mechanical movements to quartz.

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Heuer Dash-Mounted Timers — Overview of the Monte Carlo

In 1958, Heuer introduced the Monte Carlo 12-hour dash-mounted stopwatch to replace the Autavia.  Where the Autavia used traditional round recorders for the hours and minutes, the Monte Carlo features a 12-hour numerical counter in a “window” at the bottom of the dial.  Heuer proudly announced that the new central register (for minutes) and jumping disc (for hours) assured the “greatest legibility ever found in a stopwatch”.

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Heuer Dash-Mounted Timers — Overview of the Autavia

The Autavia (12-hour stopwatch) was introduced in 1933 and marketed as a stopwatch for automobiles and aviation (thus the name, “Autavia”).

All Autavias record hours on the bottom register (6:00 o’clock); minutes on the top register (12:00 o’clock); and seconds by the center hand.  The Autavia 12-hour stopwatch was often paired with the “Hervue”

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Heuer Dash-Mounted Timers — Overview of the Super Autavia

Introduced in 1958, the Super Autavia was hailed as the first dash-board chronograph for motorcars, power boats and airplanes. The headline in Heuer brochures of the period proudly announced that the Super Autavia shows simultaneously Time of Day and Time of Trip. For many collectors and enthusiasts, the Super Autavia is the ultimate Heuer dashboard timepiece,

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Buyer Beware — Heuer Carrera with Fake Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo

Between 1966 and 1968, Heuer made chronographs and stopwatches for the International Motor Speedway, with the distinctive “Wings and Wheel” Speedway logo on the dial. We see the Wings and Wheel IMS logo on the dial of five different Heuer timepieces, as follows:

  • two register Heuer Autavia chronograph (Reference 3646), with a unique silver-white dial,
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