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  • Collecting 101 -- A Primer for Watch Collectors -- An introduction to watch collecting, published in International Watch, February 2005. Available in HTML or PDF
  • Collecting 110 -- How to Buy a Watch (Part One) -- Practical advice on how to do background research, find watches, ask seller the tough questions, etc., published in International Watch, June 2005. Available in HTML or PDF
  • Collecting 110 -- How to Buy a Watch (Part Two) -- We complete the purchase, with advice on determining value, making the bid, paying for the watch and arranging for shipment; published in International Watch, September 2005. Available in HTML or PDF
  • Collecting 120 -- How to Sell a Watch (Part One) -- In this article, we discuss the collector's "Unspeakable Act" -- selling a watch. We help with such issues are determining whether to sell, selecting the market in which you will sell, describing your watch, preparing the watch and taking the photographs that will support your effort. Available in HTML and PDF
  • Vintage Fantasy Collection -- Five Watches for $8,000 -- What if you had a budget of $8,000, and could select any five watches for your collection? This article, published in International Watch, April 2007, provides some suggestions for this collection. Available in HTML or PDF

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