Today, some friends were chatting about the history and development of the Caliber 15 movement, specifically focusing on the technical differences between the Caliber 12 movement and the Caliber 15 movement.

Several years ago, I researched and wrote a detailed posting covering the development of the Caliber 11 / 11-I / 12 / 15 movements, so I was able to copy a section of that posting and paste it into a message to share with my friends.

Digging through the OnTheDash archives made me realize that it would be useful to have a series of quick Notes, pulling these postings from the OnTheDash archives into postings for the new OnTheDash.  Having these Notes will provide easier access to the old postings, for example, through the “search” feature of OnTheDash.  To see more of these older postings, have a look at our Best of the OnTheDash Archives.

I will continue to pull postings from the OnTheDash archives to feature in these Notes.