The March 2020 issue of GQ is their annual “Shopping Issue”, and the magazine includes an excellent article, “How to Buy Your Next Watch.”  The article includes several sections, as follows:

  • The Six Steps to Vintage Watch NirvanaH.Q. Milton, in San Francisco, is one of the country’s great destinations for vintage watch enthusiasts.  Jacek Kozubek, one of the partners in H.Q. Milton, provides editor Sam Schube with some excellent advice for individuals who may be looking for a vintage watch to start their collections.  Would you buy stale produce at the grocery store?  Then don’t buy stale watches!
  • Want a New Watch? Try on 10 — If you are shopping for a new watch, editor Sam Schube suggests that you go to a multibrand shop, where you can see numerous brands.  Sound advice!
  • How I Found My Brand — Jeremy Kirkland, creator of the Blamo podcast, tells how he started with a Seiko, and still enjoys these watches, after all these years.  Come to think of it, it’s hard to think of many serious collectors who have not enjoyed a few Seikos along the way.  I bought Seiko dive watch to wear at the beach this past summer, and it’s still in the regular rotation.  Find your brand, folks; in many instances, it will be a Seiko.
  • Three Very Different Reasons to Go Indie — The phrase “independent brands” can strike fear into the heart of the watch novice.  Yes, there are independent watchmakers selling their creations for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there are also independent brands offering great watches for under $1,000 (or under $500).  Editor Samuel Hine shows three independent watches, ranging from a Nomos priced at $2,030 to a Ressence at $42,300.  No need to fear the word “independent”; once you get past the 40 or so brands owned by the global watch groups, you will discover hundreds of interesting independent brands.
  • When Your First Question Is “Does It Come In Black?” — The fact that a watch left the factory comprised of certain materials doesn’t mean that you have to leave it that way.  Cam Wolf makes the case for modifying or personalizing watches, so they don’t look like everyone else’s.  Not for the faint of heart, but worthwhile for the adventurous.
  • How to Get Rich Collecting Watches — Yes, watches can move up the food chain from being collectibles to investments, but it will take some smarts.  Cam Wolf delivers some advice for investors from our good friend / Heuer enthusiast, Eric Wind.  Visit Eric at to make some wise investments!.
  • The Quiet Glory of the Dress Watch — Yes, steel sport watches are all the rage right now, but Samuel Hine makes the case for the elegant dress watch with samples, from Lange, JLC, Grand Seiko, Breguet and Cartier.  Show some courage; break away from the herd of steel sport watches and wear a beautiful watch!
  • Want a Dream Watch?  Learn to be a Dream Customer — Sure, there are some hot watches that are impossible for the average customer to walk into a store and buy.  No problem, as as Sam Schube offers some advice on how you can be a special customer who might be able to buy one of these special watches.  Hell, play your cards right and some dealer will beg you to take one of its impossible-to-buy watches.  Nautilus?  Subamriner?  Collect them all.
  • True (Watch) Love Waits — Editor Cam Wolf tells the stories of the guys who put their names on the waiting lists, and wait years to receive their watches . . . like five to eight years.  But when that special watch finally arrives, it makes the long wait worthwhile.

This is an excellent article, that offers valuable advice for the novice enthusiast, as well as the seasoned collector.  This article is available only in the March 2020 print edition of GQ.

Other articles in the March 2020 issue of GC cover Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the most stylish duo in sports; offer tips for a five-day shopping trip to Los Angeles; and profile Brooks Koepka, and how he is changing the game of golf.  The issue also includes an article covering the Grand Seiko SBGK009.

So if you want to run out and buy some watches, first run out and buy the March 2020 issue of GQ.  At $8.99, it’s a great investment.