Our #Chronomatic50 Celebration is only four days away, and the response so far has been amazing – 94 postings on Instagram under the #Chronomatic50 hashtag, and we haven’t even kicked off the real event.  This will be one fantastic celebration!!

No doubt, most of the Chronomatic enthusiasts know what to do, but just to jog some thoughts, here are some ideas for your postings:

  • show us some early ones (with the low serial numbers) or some late ones; and what about the homage / continuation models produced by Eberhard and Guinand?
  • can we see some wild ones — pizza cases and Fontainebleaus, for example — and maybe just a few of the mild ones?
  • let’s see some Caliber 12 chronographs that were issued by the military – how about the Autavias from Israel or Argentina or the Carreras worn by Forças Armadas Populares De Libertacao De Angola (FALPA)?
  • what is your most exotic (craziest looking) chronograph powered by the Caliber 12 or Caliber 15 movement? Or your most colorful?
  • anyone have a Chronomatic with “Buren” or “Dubois” on the dial?
  • we know about many of the “Poor Man’s Heuers”, such as Zodiac and Bulova, but who can post the most obscure brand to use a Caliber 12 movement? Who’s got a Lanco, Thermidor or Vetta to share?
  • and what about the “Rich Man’s Chronomatics”? Who can post some gold ones, 18 karat or coated? [Thanks to Shaun for posting the four gold ones in the “hero” image.]
  • we know that Jo Siffert, Mario Andretti and Steve McQueen wore the Heuers, but do we have some other Chronomatics associated with racing? And what about flying – maybe some Navitimers, Cosmonauts, and GMTs? And diving and yacht racing?
  • who can post a prototype or one with a “test” dial? Anyone for an Autavia with an orange dial or a Bund powered by a Caliber 12?
  • anyone have any interesting ephemera or memorabilia out there — instructions, advertisements, catalogs or hang tags?

Whatever you post, be sure to use the hashtags — #Chronomatic50 and #Chronomatic — and tell us about your watch.

We thank you for the incredible enthusiasm and look forward to seeing an amazing display of these chronographs.

@WatchFred and @On_The_Dash