This past weekend, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Heuer Monaco, @BamfordWatchDepartment and artist extraordinaire (and Heuer enthusiast) @JulieKraulis staged a photo contest for members of the community.  Approximately 100 enthusiasts posted their best photos of either vintage or modern Monacos and posted them with the #Monaco50 hashtag.

Bamford then compiled them into their Instagram story and Julie proceeded to select three winners, each to receive her beautiful print of a Bamford Monaco.

Shown below are the wining photos, along with the comments from Julie in announcing the winners.


Image taken at the Monaco Grand Prix 2019, the historic and legendary roots of the Heuer Monaco. Such an evocative photo with racetrack hints in the background and on the wrist (blue VIP race bracelet).


Wearing a Canadian tuxedo – double denim – matching the Bamford blue. Points for style/fashion.


A gorgeous watch shot. Moody and full of textural automotive accents, with the black leather & rubber.


Sincere thanks to Bamford Watch Department and Julie Kraulis for staging this contest, and to all the collectors who posted their photographs.